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5 Reasons to Update Your Website – Even if Your Schedule is Full

by | Apr 22, 2024

“I know our website is outdated, but we are booked out for several weeks! How would an updated, better website benefit us?”

I get this question from time to time from optometry practice owners and managers who acknowledge that since they have good awareness and demand in their communities, they don’t have a problem with filling up the schedule with appointments. If this describes you and your practice, even if you already have a robust patient base and currently have no problem building demand, a well-designed, current website is still a crucial asset.

Here are five reasons why:

Better communication with patients

Your website can provide important information, including current office hours, how to schedule an appointment, insurance and payment types, and an overview of your optical, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and children’s eyewear.

If you have a policy in place such as an extra charge for digital retinal imaging, mandatory notice for cancellations, and what people should bring to their appointment, that information can be shared on a specific page on your website which you can then link to in texts and email to patients.

Bring focus to new services

If you’ve invested in new treatments for dry eye, want to promote your myopia management services, or bring awareness to how you help people with low vision, an updated website with specific web pages devoted to your services can help! If you are excited about new services at your practice which aren’t being marketed on your website, you are missing out on the opportunity to communicate with prospective and current patients on the enhancements you’ve made to your practice.

Improve your visibility and reach

What is the biggest driver for new patients in your practice? Do you find many people visit you because you accept their vision plan? While this can be a good strategy to build overall volume, a great website can help you reach people for specialized services you offer, such as dry eye, myopia management, low vision services, eye disease management, and more. Even if you have a large patient base, having a high-ranking website for your specialized services ensures you’re discoverable by people in need of these services.

Convey your brand and expertise

Having a professionally designed, well-constructed website helps establish and reinforce your brand, conveying credibility and trustworthiness. It can showcase the expertise of the optometrists, the quality of the services provided, and the practice’s values, creating a great first impression for anyone who visits your website. If your current need is recruiting and hiring team members, including associate O.D.s and staff, having a modern, professional website builds trust that your optometry practice is thriving and is a great place to work.

Promote your optical and contact lens options

I often have conversations with optometry practice owners and managers about their marketing, and during these conversations, I learn that they have a children’s optical, online ordering for contact lenses, an extensive collection of eyeglasses and an O.D. on staff who specializes in scleral lenses for which they have little to no content on their current websites. This is a missed opportunity! Your website should have content and pages dedicated to optical and contact lens options and expertise.


Having a well-designed, current website offers benefits beyond capturing new patient appointments.

If you’ve ever wished more of your patients had a better understanding of your policies or what to expect when they schedule an appointment, have services you’re excited about which aren’t being communicated on your website, want to increase your reach for specialized services, would like to make a better first impression with your website, or are frustrated that your optical and contact lens options and expertise aren’t being properly communicated on your website, then it is time to update your website!

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