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Optometry Marketing Services

Digital Marketing
for Optometry Practices

The way people discover, evaluate, and choose an optometrist for eye health and vision care includes searching for providers online, visiting various websites, asking for recommendations on social media, and reading online reviews.

As an optometry practice owner, you may have invested in advanced diagnostic technology and upgraded your office optical displays and décor, but if you aren’t effectively marketing your practice online, you may be missing out on growth for new patient appointments and revenue.


Your website is the core component of your digital marketing strategy, where you can showcase your strengths and expertise, house links to your contact lens ordering platform, social media pages, bill pay, and appointment scheduler, and reach new patients. Any other form of marketing, whether online or offline, will most likely lead to the website, so it’s crucial for your website to stay updated and optimized 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO, or search engine optimization, uses onsite and offsite strategies and tactics to improve the ranking for your website on search engines like Google. If you have a terrific website but it shows up on page twelve of search results in your area for key words and searches for eye exams or eye doctor near me, then that website isn’t terribly effective. SEO is the way to organically improve where your website appears on search engine results pages (SERP).  

If you provide dry eye care, myopia management, low vision, vision therapy, or any other specialized services, your website should be optimized for searches related to these services. SEO can aid in the growth of specialty services. Through content marketing on your website, we will increase local awareness of the services you provide and establish you as an expert to secure appointments.  

Google ads

When managed well, running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads on Google can be a highly effective way to rapidly increase the visibility of your practice on Google, and secure new patient appointments. Our team will set up and administer ads on Google and provide continuous monitoring and reporting with call tracking to prove return on investment. Clicks are nice, but conversions – phone calls to your practice – are what matter!  

Analytics, data analysis, and reporting 

Google Analytics is foundational for reviewing your online marketing. When you partner with us for digital marketing, we’ll encourage you to either add us to your existing Google Analytics account or we’re happy to create a new one for you and provide you with administrative access. We’ll analyze the data to make informed decisions about your online marketing, and we’ll consult with you so that you understand the metrics.  

IDOC members connected to GPN can also leverage our team’s access to look at practice metrics in real time. Your consultant will know when the growth of your website or success of your Google ads corresponds to increased patient flow and revenue, simply by reviewing the metrics shared in GPN.  

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