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Optometry Marketing Services

Optometry Marketing

Your dedicated marketing strategist is focused on your marketing success! Share your vision for your practice with your marketing strategist at Optometry Marketing Services, and we’ll work to achieve it.

Optometry Marketing Services Strategist

Your marketing strategist will review your digital marketing metrics, ask you about patient pain points and your customers in the optical, and work with you to set quarterly marketing priorities.  

Practice marketing metrics

If you are an IDOC member and our team has access to your business metrics in GPN, we will bring these data-driven insights to quarterly meetings:

  • YTD Revenue
  • Number of exams – new and existing
  • Average patient age
  • Average customer age in the optical

Reviewing this data with marketing in mind can help you choose the right marketing tactics. If the number of your new patient exams has declined, it could be time to run a Google Ads campaign, work on your website’s SEO, or both. Your marketing strategist will provide guidance based on your practice metrics and your goals.


Digital marketing metrics

You receive monthly reports through our marketing services. Your marketing strategist will outline and explain your digital marketing metrics, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Google Business Profile performance
  • Google Ads performance
  • Facebook Ads performance
  • Facebook and Instagram post impressions, clicks, and engagement

Clear Vision, Effective Marketing

Focused, Measurable, Collaborative

Learn more about Optometry Marketing Services and discover how our expert team can help you boost your online presence, attract more patients, and grow your practice.