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Optometry Marketing Services

Social Media
for Optometrists

Social media can be a powerful way to connect with your patients and increase awareness of your optometry practice with people in your community.

Connect with patients

Get six posts each month about eye health and vision care on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

develop a content strategy

Get coaching on how to create engaging content about your practice to delight your patients between appointments.  

reach new patients

Run ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to retarget website visitors to increase appointments.

Some social media marketing is best done by you and your team, but social media moves quickly, so many optometrists find they don’t have enough time to keep up with it and manage it properly. Others need guidance on content strategy, design tips, and business page setup. We can help!

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are central to your social media marketing strategy. 

Facebook allows people to connect with people they know in real life. They can join community-based Facebook groups where they can get recommendations for local service providers, including healthcare and optometry.

Others prefer to spend time on Instagram, which is a highly visual platform you can use to captivate your audience.

By using both platforms, you can keep patients engaged between appointments or target new audiences to increase awareness of the services and products you offer.


Organic social media

Organic social media refers to the content you post on your practice social media accounts that isn’t a paid advertisement.

These posts are meant for the people who follow your practice social media accounts.

A good organic content strategy includes being consistent with publishing posts and including posts about your optometry practice which feature doctors and/or staff to increase engagement.

If someone chooses to follow you on social media, it’s because they like youthey are “fans” of the practice. The more they see from you and your team, the more engagement you’ll get on social media.

Paid advertising on social media

Paid advertising on social media includes boosted posts on Facebook and more elaborate ad campaigns.

If your vision is to attract new patients, advertising on social media is a great way to build awareness in your area about the services and products you offer.

Many optometrists can successfully boost a Facebook post but aren’t sure how to set up retargeting ad campaigns because it requires more expertise. Our team can help!

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